Fashion Designers turning trash into fashionable pieces at Eco Warrior Competition…

The clothing and textile industry is one of the largest polluter in the world, second to oil. The fashion industry produced about 20% of global waste water and a staggering amount of resource; man power and materials to create the next season’s hottest collection . Some fashion professionals and environmental advocates focuses on responsible and sustainable fashion, and we believe that by bringing awareness to these issues, we can elevate our thinking and our work.  That is our goal at Eco Warrior Design and Model Competition. 

ECO Warrior Design and Model Competition is an Annual Fashion Event. Our Mission is to produce a fashion show that allows new and established designers to showcase their creativity through the use of repurposed, reused, upcycled, recycled and/or biodegradable materials. We hope to inspire and ignite the passion for green initiatives and for helping save our earth.

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Create. Inspire. Protect the Earth.


Saturday, August 31, 2019 | 6 pm | Crowne Plaza Hotel | 4402 E. Washington Ave. Madison, WI 53704




Judging Criteria: 25% – Eco Warrior Fan Favorite voted through PageantView

25% – Application and Design (Piece Description, Overall 3R’s Application, Design & Construction)

50%-Presentation and Fashion Show (Overall Impact, Runway Presentation, Originality & Creativity)

Model Prize: Cash Prize, Sash/Crown, Modeling in Print, Website & Pageant Sponsorship

Designer Prize: Cash Prize, Trophy, Feature in Print, Website  & Event Sponsorship

Entry Fees: Designer – $50 per Design/Model – $50

Interested in entering the competition?  

Fill out the form online at   


Phone: 630-635-5663 Paypal:

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