These designers & models MADE trash look sooooo stylist!

Eco Warrior Design & Model Competition – Madison, Wisconsin November 17, 2018

The annual ECO Warrior Model and Design Competition was a huge success!

Here are the 20 Eco Friendly,Upcycled, repurposed Designed by our incredible designers who showed their creativity and models who showcased their skills and talent on the runway!

EcoWarrior Fashion Show

Designers and Models: 
@Joey Alforque (Modeled by Joy Labor, Arianna B, Alyssa B, Brenda Flowers, Myah Vlahogenis)
Junior Miss Midwest Model Eloise Cole
Jegie (Model Winner Taylor Andrews), Zoe Ruckinsky, Kaley Luna, Alessandra Mendoza, Alexandra Garcia, Serena Klosterman
Yadira Amador (Winner) Model Sydney Bitar
Yadira Amador Model Jenny Valle-Oliinyk
Brittani Alston Model by Nicole
Madam Chino Model Makaila Pratt, Catherine Smith & DAnna
Josie LB /@Jan Rosell Model Sophia Chanthal Lorie Traxler

Photo by jennel veronica And Steve Jurkovic
Next year Eco Warrior Design and Model competition is scheduled for October 5, 2019. Contact for more info.


 Our Mission is to produce a fashion show that allows new and established designers to showcase their creativity through the use of upcycled, reused and and/or biodegradable materials. We hope to inspire and ignite the passion for green initiatives and for helping save our earth.

Within that event, we raised $600 for IFFO, an organization that helps Orphans and Widows in Haiti. The funds were used to purchase students task chairs with arms for a new school in Haiti named: Washington English Institute.

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