NVP1World Entertainment CEO and talents interview with Women Everywhere on Intellectual Radio/IheartRadio

October 28-Weschester, Illinois

NVP1World Entertainment CEO and talents stopped by our studio today to talk about their upcoming show – Dec 16, 2018 “A Christmas Wish on a silent night with Mr. Nick Vera Perez”

First Christmas Party of NVP1World proudly presenting Mr. Nick Vera Perez, main artist at the event, A Christmas Wish On A SIlent NIght. and our current NVP1World probe talents. Private event on A family Sunday on a business casual attire. Exquisite Gourmet Dinner will be serviced, Dancing follows after the show. Door opens at 4PM, Early Dinner at 5PM. Show starts at 6PM. Seating Levels vary. Contact 312.709.5141 for reservation. Sells really fast.

We spoke to Nick about his goals this year, why he created NVP1World Entertainment, how artists can get involved and we interviewed his talents;

Hannah, Irelyn Arana, Rozz Daniels, Shyla & Sophia

Listen to our conversation here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/intellectualradio/every-woman?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=user%3A4008630&utm_term=episode_title



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