Calling all creative Eco Warriors!

Eco Warrior (Design & Model Competition)

@Carrera Co and @BChic University wants you to join us!
We are looking for the next creative, engaged and competitive eco warriors to present their talents during our annual Eco Warrior (Design & Model Competition)
25% – EcoWarrior Favorited voted through PageantView
25% – Application and Design (Piece Description, Overall 3R’s
Application, Design & Construction)
50% – Presentation and Fashion Show (Overall Impact, Runway Presentation, Originality & Creativity)
MODEL – $50 entry fee per outfit
MODEL PRIZE – $200 cash prize, crown, sash, $250 credit to join MCS Pageant or Miss Illinois Earth or Miss Wisconsin Earth, Cover Page ModCulture Magazine, Entry to Face of Jegie, Modeling at JegieWebsite and iOSApp, automatic casting for Madison Fashion Week
DESIGNER – $50 entry fee per design
DESIGNER PRIZE – Designer will receive Cover Page ModCulture Magazine, Cover of 2019 Calendar (release date, Dec 2018), $200 Cash Prize, $250 Credit towards Designer Package at Madison Fashion Week
Mission: To produce a fashion show that allows new and established designers to showcase their creativity through the use of repurposed, reused, recycled and/or biodegradable materials. We hope to inspire and ignite the passion for green initiatives and to help save our Earth through 3R’s principle.
#EcoWarrior #MadisonFashionShow #MidwestFashionShow#EcoWarriorFashionShow
Show tickets: $25
Inquire by email to if you have any questions or would like to participate.

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