Miss Illinois Earth Send Off Party 6/30


Here are some of the photos from yesterday’s send off party. Thank you to all the guests who attended as well as our sponsors who contributed gift certificates, cash and participated the auction.
Nvp1world Entertainment, LLC $500 to @Miss Illinois
Anonymous Donor $100 to Teen Miss Illinois
Jannett Childs $100 to all Queens 
Online Miss Photogenic April 15, 2018 $174 to all Queens
Auction and Misc $196 to all queens
Mayor of @Elburn, IL for $100 donation towards the green initiatives/projects in 2019
Anonymous donor of $1000 towards the cost of 2019 venue/projects
Misc gifts to our State Queens from Carrera Co.
$180 gift certificates from Afterlife Tours, Inc.
$114 gift certificates from Betty Lou Cruises
$25 gift certificates from Olive Garden
$25 gift certificates from Starbucks
Thank you to The Claddagh – Geneva for being a wonderful venue to our send off party, our guests enjoyed the delicious food and your staff are professional. Special shout out to Tim, the manager for all your help and for setting up a good example of “green” hospitality and services in your town. Love that we were able to use paper strays and cloth napkins instead of single used plastic straws

Now we are ready to rock it at Nationals!
Stay tuned for @Illinois Viewing party hosted by @Kim Cole
Thank you Steve Jurkovic Photography – for providing us these photos from our Miss IL.IN.MI.WI Earth United States send off party last Saturday!

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