Beauty Queen feature of the day: Hajera Naeem Malik

872A9857 copy.jpgTitle:  Elite Miss Southwest 2018

Division: Elite

Education: Bachelors in Journalism

Personal Platform:  women empowerment 

Environmental Platform: greener cleaner Houston

Tell us about yourself and your pageant journey?

I’m a very fun loving and outgoing person. I enjoy nature and outdoors. I love to paint. My love for nature was one of the reasons I back a part of miss Earth USA. 

What made you decide to compete for this title?

I decided to compete for this pageant so I reach out more people and educate them of my platform. Miss Earth USA is an amazing organization to grow with as a person and an individual in the society.

How did you choose your environmental platform?

I live in uptown Houston and I walk everywhere. I noticed trash on the side walks every time and that made me take the  initiative to make my home town cleaner.

What advise or tips can you give to women and young girls who plan on following your footsteps? As a pageant competitor or your career choice ?

My advice them is to be themselves. Your uniqueness is your superpower. Use it to achieve your goals.

Do you think that men and women are equal? Why?

I feel like each gender has very important roles in the society and it’s important for everyone to learn to coexist and help each other grow.

What is your message to women in other country that are denied their right to education?

Take a stand for yourself and women around you. When women come together we can change so much. Don’t be afraid to give a voice to your ideas.

Who is your favorite Hero or Heroine and why?

Diane von furstenberg is my heroine because she is the true embodiment of love, beauty and women empowerment.

What do you think is the greatest contribution a beauty queen like yourself can do for the humanity?

The greatest contribution a beauty can make is be a good human being and give back as much as you can. Be an active part of the community and help people physically and emotionally.

If you are to represent USA in the international stage, what are the five things that you can tell them that makes USA the greatest country in the World?

OMG there are so many amazing things about USA, the freedom, the equality, the love for humanity, the love for our planet earth, good social structure and so much more! 


Thank you Hajera Naeem Malik, Follow her year at

My IG is Elite_miss_southwest_2018


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