Carrera Co launches PageantView – iOS app for Miss Illlinois Earth U.S. 2018 Pageant

@PageantView — @PageantView is Pageant Scoring, Automatic Voting, and Automatic Tabulation. It has been developed for Contestants and Judges Management. Run your pageant with efficient, error-free tabulation featuring full transparency and automation using the latest technology powered by Apple. @PageantView is already being used by Miss Illinois Earth United States, Miss Indiana Earth United States, Miss Wisconsin Earth United States, and last, but not least, Miss Crowd Sourced United States and International. @PageantView is available at Apple App Store for $5.99 for users and $99 for directors to set up their own pageant. Email at or click here to preview the app.


How to vote with PageantView for Most Photogenic and Most Beautiful by Opulence Skin Care & Med Spa – Miss Illinois Earth United States. The winner of “Most Beautiful” will receive $150 cash prize, skincare products and services and will become the 2018 brand ambassador for Opulence Skin Care & Med Spa

#VotingApp is powered by #PageantView 
Product of #CarreraCo

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