The Love Affair 2 by Carrera Co was a great success! Thank you to all our sponsors, models, staff and performers!

“Winners are made not chosen” And Everytime I take on a project, I start of with a vision of trying to create something extraordinary because EXTRAORDINARY for me is.. a BIG WIN for everyone.

This weekend was one of those projects for me. The Love Affair 2 is a huge success because of all the hard work and talents who came together to make this event spectacular. Thank you to the guests who joined us at our event, To my co designers, Jenny Stecher and Rae Hurst , Talent Manager Derrick Lee, Prodution Assistant La’Shawn Hazelwood, Hair Stylist Jeffrey Lance of SBJ,Yadira Amador, Iris Ariana, Jontue Rice and Gregorio Loaiza Perez, MakeUp Artists Kimie Marciano, Christy Melendez, Tamara, & Jairo Garcia, Photographer Kathleen Mosley, Mark Kaczor and Videographer Delfin Vegasand of course, the brains behind Carrera Co Justin Carrera

All our performers are flawless: Triple Heat Mia Gray Cecy Santana and Mary Loz The Phoenix Process Julian Cumpian, Théo Caen and the whole band, Remada Matthew Daniels and his crew, Jargon Dyonisis and Mhaye Monti, and the Chicago’s Princess of Pop Julia Kay Rhodes
Special Sponsors: Marsha Virgina of Ginnie Jo, Tony Disano of Karismatic Lop Gloss, Amy Burt of Femme Fatale, Mary Munez of Go Lucy Studio and Showstopper Pageant Accessories, Step Clay of CDC Networking Co. Dino V Brandosspeakeasy of Karma Club, Janet Barcelo of Cellobrite Skin,Constantine Ashford of Loft Zero Gallery.

Media Coverage: Intellectual Radio’s Earl Winfrey, Just Me Magazines Alice Boswell, Fox Sports Radio, Delfin Vegas and Felicity Woodson and Jason Moy

Special Guests: Miss United Nations Alyssa Schwarz Sriram ParthasarathyAudrey Ann , Merle Taylor

And our amazing models!! Oksana Kristi Anna Szczurek Naiane NunesAriunaa Chinbat Mhaye Monti Joanna Manowiec Ree Tee Bri Alicia LaLa Pinkins Romi MargeBern Horton Angelica Castaneda, Ashley ChaversEwelina Teodorczyk Krystal Okeke Claire Caruso Ivanna Dudka Ta’jee Symone, Kyra Kick

Here’s some of the photo’s from lastnights show: more to follow..

See the full show by ordering DVD @WWW.CARRERACO.COM

.12745853_1570187463307740_2726720878180163877_n 12744582_1569491263377360_1992606848651414260_n 12744459_1574325482891925_8909532866151637863_n 12743767_1687753508139210_4890053356116150322_n 12715773_1567213793605107_5885105602446371976_n 12715203_1566968796962940_5177937691914840781_n 12698649_1565036720489481_1073917143733665001_o 12705552_1570724909920662_4989275719763385546_n 10660125_1568684420124711_9034046615117029616_n 1931260_965848500172884_272174818698662195_n 10401506_1570501596609660_337968151508103480_n 12088260_1480599515603187_4529751167858907408_n 11013249_409796835891893_1332787560308490633_n 40684_150152388330334_7872458_n 1920293_1410231839280710_7452982454810728374_n 11892160_612536045515692_5911170660687243054_n

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