#LetsMakeADifference Effort to end hunger in IL

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Yesterday, I had an opportunity to volunteer with these beautiful people starting with Ree Tee and I baking and making dinner for the shelter, then Nate, Justin and Judy with amazing group of people from the Dupage pads came to help us setup and serve dinner. Yadira Amador brought some toys for the children

This gotta be one of the many rewarding experiences. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and help us help more people this year!‪#‎LetsMakeADifference‬


Carrera Co USA www.carreraco.com

Dupage Pads  www.dupagepads.com 

Girls For Animal Rights http://girlsforanimalrights.com/

Join us in our effor to end hunger: https://www.facebook.com/events/1684973465048372/


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