August 27th, 2015 at Lawson House-YMCA

Carrera Co Monthly food drive at Lawson House Chicago was joined by two beauty IL beauty Queens – Miss Junior Teen Ciara Evans and Miss IL Teen Arnela Karabegovic. Also Mr. Derrick Lee State Director for Miss World Organization! We brought it boxes of Clothes, Boxes of Food, Pasta, Bread, Canned Goods, and candies and snacks for our Friends there!

Join us again NExt Month on  Sept 24th from 8pm-10pm, you may also participating by donating at our gofundme at


11903897_1716704321894840_4389802475223752356_n 11846632_1716704358561503_1434601498276041514_n 11892106_1716704348561504_307052100316499237_n 11904685_1716704235228182_2123816642929302690_n 11918946_1716704265228179_7357696164375945416_n 11924576_1716704308561508_1520744201286295321_n 11949261_1716704385228167_5358949749718460160_n 11949483_1716704278561511_8717748270869523664_n

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